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Walter Albritton

February 12, 2012


We should object to the trash our children see on television

      My friend Jere Beasley wonders if he is the only person who believes that the television industry in America needs to be cleaned up. No, Jere you are not the only one. I believe so too. And I have to believe a lot of our friends agree with us but most of them have decided there is nothing they can do about this growing problem of filth coming into our homes.

      But you and I know that we can do something if we are willing. A few years back I joined the Parents Television Council, a non-partisan education organization advocating responsible entertainment. The Council is presently engaged in a campaign against “broadcast indecency” at a time when the networks want the Supreme Court to free them to ignore the standards currently in place. Hopefully the Supreme Court will not allow this to happen.

When PTC files a complaint with the FCC about the sickening content of a children’s show like “Allen Gregory,” I add my name to the complaint. I also write to sponsors of the show, companies like Old Navy, and let them know that I will no longer purchase what they are selling as long as they sponsor such trash.

      I do so because I believe Jere is right. If we fail to clean up the television industry, Jere warns, “I fear we will pay a steep price for our refusal to get involved. “  Make no mistake about it: we are in war for the minds of our children. The moral foundation of our nation is at stake.

      For whatever reason most people choose not to complain about the television garbage coming into our homes.  I think I understand why. The television industry is like a giant so strong that it can have its way despite the complaints of a few people. We who complain are like a meek “voice crying in the wilderness” and our voice is largely ignored.

      But what if hundreds, then thousands, of us began to speak up?  If enough of us cried out and demanded change, we could make a difference. Together we could amass the power of a David that could defeat this television Goliath. If you, dear reader, are mulling over the possibility of adding your voice to this cause, I invite you to think seriously about what Jere says from his perspective as a respected attorney:

      “Those in charge of the TV and radio broadcast industries want the broadcast networks to be free to show anything and at any time with no restrictions. Eliminating the law entirely would allow broadcasters to pump nonstop profane language, disgusting vulgar and off-color references and sexual content, including pornography, into virtually every living room in the country. That’s something that our government simply can’t afford to allow. Nor should the public tolerate it.” (The JereBeasleyReport, February, 2012)

      Why should average citizens get involved? To use whatever influence we have to protect our children! Does anyone of us need a better reason? Children need the protection of adults. Decent, God-fearing adults have a moral responsibility to insist that our government protect those who are unable to protect themselves. 

      Jere wisely insists that “Only when the public gets involved will the networks listen. They pay attention when an advertiser pulls its ads.  At the very least we can speak up by the way we spend our dollars and thus let our voices be heard.

      At the very least I hope I have persuaded you to look into the matter. Go online at and learn what this organization is trying to do to protect our children. You may want to get involved. One more voice can make a difference. At the end of the day you will not be ashamed for having stood up for decency so speak up while you can. + + +