September 24
I Samuel 3:1--4:l; 7:3-17

KEY VERSE: Speak; for thy servant heareth. - 1 Samuel 3:10

Life as we know it would collapse without the "signs" that remind us of what we need to know and to do. A list of important signs would include "stop" signs, church steeples, flags, international highway signs, to mention a few.

A huge wooden cross stands near Second Avenue outside Trinity Church in Opelika. It was put there to remind all who pass by of the sacrifice that Jesus made for our salvation. Perhaps it is a "stop" sign, a signal to stop and think about how much God loves us all. Both outside and inside our churches the cross is the Christian's sign of God's mercy.

Samuel set up the Ebenezer stone to remind the Israelites of God's deliverance. Seeing it would help them to remember that when God is obeyed, his blessings are made available to his people. Obedience results in blessing. It is a principle of the kingdom of God.

Still we are forgetful. We experience God's deliverance, then so quickly forget the Source of our good fortune. That is why it is so important to listen to God. Unless we listen we cannot hear and know the will of God. When we are "at ease in Zion," we ignore God and pay attention to nothing more than our own clever schemes. That is the prelude to disaster.

E. Stanley Jones was a humble but dedicated evangelist. Without seeming pompous or spiritually superior, he spoke of arising early in the day to listen to the "Inner Voice." He was able to accomplish much because he remembered daily to ask the Lord for guidance. We should be so wise.