September 10
Judges 6-8

KEY VERSE: Go in this thy might, and thou shalt save Israel from the hand of the Midianites: have I not sent thee? --Judges 6:14

This study of Gideon affords us several important lessons about life. Before reading any further, close your eyes and think of at least two lessons we learn from Gideon. Here are mine:

  1. Less is often better. God showed Gideon that "bigger" is not always better. Gideon was worried that 32,000 soldiers were not enough. He learned to his surprise that 300 are enough when God is the Commander in Chief. Our lives can become cluttered with many things which are unnecessary. A simpler life can be more fulfilling.

  2. Fear can cost us the chance to serve in the Lord's army. More than two-thirds of Gideon's army were dismissed because they were afraid. God invites us to trust him and not be afraid. I love the song E. Stanley Jones used in his Ashrams: "I will not be afraid. I will look upward and travel onward and not be afraid." That is the spirit God desires for his people.

  3. Fear can cause us to defeat ourselves. The Midianites greatly outnumbered Gideon's small army but they became fearful of Gideon. Following God's clever strategy, Gideon used lights and noise to create panic in the Midian camp. Frightened and confused, the Midianites even killed some of their own comrades as they ran for their lives in the darkness. Fear can bring us to our knees and rob us of the faith in God necessary to win our daily battles with the Enemy.