October 22
David Becomes King of All Israel
2 Samuel 2-5; 1 Chronicles 11:1-3

KEY VERSE: The Lord said to thee, Thou shalt feed my people Israel, and thou shalt be a captain over Israel. --2 Samuel 5:2

There is a powerful phrase in the first verse of our scripture passage. These are words which help us to understand David's accomplishments. They are words which suggest how we too may find the guidance and strength we need to do God's will. The words are: "David inquired of the Lord." Here is a lovely window into the heart of this mighty "captain over Israel."

David asked God for guidance. He turned to God for help. We find this same phrase repeated many times in the scriptures as David sought instructions from the Lord. Here is an example we should be wise to imitate. How often our lives are filled with disappointment, misery, and failure because we forgot to "inquire of the Lord." God knows the plan; we must humble ourselves before him and ask for knowledge so that we can do his will.

There is, of course, more to do than simply to ask God for directions. Once he tells us the plan, we must find the courage to do his will. It is not enough merely to be "hearers of the word." We must obey God, as far as we are able, and become "doers of the word." Remember how Jesus taught us that it is not enough to say "Lord, Lord"? He went on to underline the necessity of "doing" the will of God.

David was a man of great courage. But his courage was not a lot of bravado. He had courage because he had faith in a great God. When we truly believe that "Our God is an Awesome God," then we can find the courage to believe that all things are possible with our God. Impossible things, like defeating Goliath, become possible when we learn to trust God no matter what the odds against us. What matters is not the size of our problems but the size of the God we are serving. J. B. Phillips helped us see this truth years ago with his insightful little book, "Your God is Too Small." Though David was a great sinner, his God was not too small!

Wise are we to "inquire" constantly of the Lord, and to do what he says do!