October 1
Saul Becomes King
I Samuel 9-10

KEY VERSE: Samuel said to all the people, See ye him whom the Lord hath chosen, that there is none like him among all the people? --1 Samuel 10:24

Wise parents must sometimes allow their children to learn from their mistakes. In this we have God's example. When the Israelites insisted on having a king, against God's better judgment, God gave them a king. It was yet another sign that God has not designed human beings to live as puppets. Instead he desires that we choose to love him and obey him.

Samuel made sure the people understood what they had done. He reminded them in no uncertain tone that they had rejected God by demanding a king. Today God provides, through the Holy Scriptures, ample warning of the consequences that result from our sins. In many ways the pastor has the responsibility that Samuel had, to make sure the people understand the nature and penalty of our sins when we choose our ways instead of the ways of God.

Sins of immorality are a current example. Our society insists on embracing the ideas of its societal architects - that homosexuality is a legitimate lifestyle and that "gay marriages" must be accepted as normal. Clearly this violates the teaching of the Bible, which even some church leaders insist is obsolete. They even want us to believe that homosexuality is God's fault, that some persons are born with this proclivity. For that to be true, then the Bible has to be in error and God has to be confused!

Pastors need to learn from Samuel's example and tell people the truth. God is not confused and the Bible gives us the eternal standards for moral and sexual behavior. To weasel out of proclaiming this truth, in the face of great pressure to keep quiet, is to betray our sacred duty to preach the Word of the Lord. We must, therefore, warn people that it is their sociologists and politicians who are confused!

Saul was an exceptionally gifted man who was given great opportunity for leadership. Before we consider his success and failure, we do well to examine our own hearts. Have we used the gifts God has given us to faithfully serve the living God? Have we used or misused our opportunities for service. If God has touched our hearts, as he did Saul's, we must use well the time given us. It will run out. Then nothing will matter except what we have done in obedience to God.