June 18
Pressing On in Christ
Philippians 3:7-21

Key Verse: I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14

Think for a moment about your "stuff." Everyone has a pile of stuff. Take a look at what you possess.

You have clothes. One dress or 20? One suit or 10? Are your clothes expensive? Did you buy them at Dillard's or at a yard sale?

You have a color television. How big is it? What model? How much did it cost?

You have a vehicle, a car, a truck, or perhaps an SUV. Old or a late model? What color? Did it cost as much as a home used to cost? How fast will it go?

You have a place to live. You may rent or even own your own home. How big is your place? How many square feet? What is the value of your home? Carpet or tile on the floors? A walk-in closet? How many bathrooms?

How about your investments? Do you get heartburn every time the stock market numbers go down? Are you aggressive or conservative in your choice of stocks? Do you feel comfortable with your stock broker?

You have insurance. Enough life insurance? How much is enough anyway? Is a big percentage of your income being paid out for insurance to cover your life and your stuff?

And hobbies, you have hobbies, don't you? Golf maybe. Do you have a real expensive set of clubs, you know, the kind that your friends envy? Or fishing perhaps. Do you have a nice big boat? Or hunting possibly. Do you belong to a fine hunting club? Own a rifle with a good scope? Maybe even a hunting dog or two. Does your hobby perhaps cost you even more than you give your church every year?

Yes, we all have our stuff. Your pile may have cost more than my pile. But we all have a pile of it. But guess what? At the last none of these questions will be asked of us. When we die and arrive at the Pearly Gates, there will be no one there asking about our stuff.

Then the only question that you will be asked is this: Did you know Jesus Christ as Lord? Did there come a time when, like Paul, you realized that your stuff was worthless compared to knowing Jesus Christ? To get ready for that day, look at your stuff right now and ask yourself: Does all this stuff matter more to me that Jesus Christ?

If your answer is yes or even maybe, then you are in big trouble! So, if that is the case with you, do something about it -- while you can!