July 14


Live as the Crown of Creation


Psalm 8; 100


            KEY VERSE: What is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?

n      Psalm 8:4

More than any other person, Professor Boone Bowen kindled in my heart a love for the Old Testament. I knew very little about this portion of the Bible when, almost 50 years ago,  I walked into his class on Old Testament Studies as a student in the Candler School of Theology at Emory University

Professor Bowen loved the Psalms. So far as I know he never began a class without first reciting from memory the beloved eighth Psalm. Those were the first words out of his mouth each day, no matter what Old Testament book we might be studying that day.

I can close my eyes now and hear that dear man speaking the words of the eighth Psalm with such awe and wonder that a reverential hush came over the classroom. So much so that I can never hear this Psalm read without thinking of that gracious Christian gentleman who first inspired me to love the Bible of Jesus.

The good professor loved the Hebrew language so much that he joked about it being the language which God spoke. He argued that if we wanted God to understand our prayer requests right off that we should learn to pray in Hebrew.

We do know that Jesus loved the Psalms too. On the day of his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Jesus quoted Psalm 8 when the Pharisees complained about the children shouting.

Jesus used a phrase from verse four of Psalm 8, “the son of man,” to describe himself. As we read this Psalm we may think of ourselves with great benefit. What an honor God has bestowed upon us, to have “crowned us with glory and honor.”

To consider the works of God’s “fingers” should inspire us to make sure the works of our hands are acceptable in His sight.

Linking these two Psalms together for today’s study is an excellent idea. To read them and reflect on their rich meaning is enough to cause anyone of us to “shout for joy,” and to enter into His presence “with thanksgiving and….praise”!