June 28   Sunday School Commentary Lesson

January 6   Godís People Can Never Stop Learning and Growing
  13   Grace Helps Us Love Other People Like God Loves Them
  27   Trusting God Frees Us from Unnecessary Fear and Anxiety

February 3   Following Jesus Means Sharing Our Witness With Others
  10   Repentance a Continuing Necessity for Christians to Bear Fruit
  17   Humility Necessary for All Who Would Serve the Lord
  24   Total Commitment Required of Those Who Follow Jesus

March 2   The Ark of the Covenant Helps Us Understand Worship
  9   God Calls Us to Live in a Covenant Relationship with Him
  23   You Can Count On It: God Keeps His Promises!
  30   Josiah Inspires Us to Embrace the Power of the Word of God

April 6   Danielís Example Continues to Inspire Godís People
  13   The Cost of Choosing to Serve the True and Living God
  20   Spiritual Disciplines Enable Us to be Faithful Disciples
  27   Intercessory Prayer a Ministry that Begins with Listening

May 4   Lessons for Life Learned from the Rebuilding of the Temple
  11   God Uses Visionary People to Inspire People to Work
  18   Faithfulness to God Requires Diligent Persistence
  25   Christ Restores Our Joy through the Renewal of Our Covenant

June 1   The Glory, Power, and Authority of Godís Son Jesus Christ
  8   Christ is the High Priest Who Makes Intercession for Us
  15   Christís Sacrifice Has Secured the Forgiveness of Our Sins
  22   Looking to Jesus We Find Strength to Run Lifeís Race
  29   True Life Flows from the Abiding Presence of Christ

July 6   Learn to Sit at the Feet of Christ the Master Teacher
  13   Wholeness and Healing Are Still Available through Christ
  20   No Choice but to Become Servants if We Follow Christ
  27   Jesus, the Son of the Living God, is the Messiah

August 3   James Insists that True Disciples Are Doers of the Word
  10   Partiality and Prejudice Dishonor Our Lord
  17   No One but the Holy Spirit Can Tame the Tongue
  24   Godís People Must Turn to Him in Repentance and Humility
  31   God Welcomes the Faithful Prayers of His People

September 7   Repentance is the Gateway into the Kingdom of God
  14   The Birth of Jesus Was a New Beginning for the World
  21   What it means if the Beatitudes are all about Jesus
  28   Greatness is Achieved Only through Voluntary Servanthood

October 12   The Spirit Guides Believers to Work Together in Love
  19   The Spirit Transforms Us So Others Will Seek Christ
  26   The Spirit Empowers Churches to become Sending Communities

November 2   Though Different We Can Work Together in Love and Unity
  9   Christ Gives Us Grace to Work through Conflict with Others
  16   God is with Us despite the Conflicts within the Church
  23   God Expects Us to Faithfully Pass On the Faith to Others
  30   No Matter What We Face, Godís Grace is Sufficient!

December 7   Maryís Commitment is an Example to Us All
  14   Elizabethís Story Reminds Us That God is with Us Too
  21   Believe it: God Never Fails to Keep His Promises
  28   John Tells Us How to Bear Fruit Worthy of Repentance

January 7   Only Our Blessed Savior Jesus Christ Can Give Us Freedom
  14   God Offers Eternal Life to All Who Embrace His Son Jesus
  21   Only Jesus Can Satisfy Our Hunger and Thirst for God
  28   Darkness is No Match for the Light of the World

February 4   Christ the Gentle Shepherd Comforts and Guides Us
  11   Because He Lives We Have Hope of Life After Death
  18   There is only one way to peace with God Ė through His Son Jesus
  25   Our Source of Life and Fruitfulness is Jesus the True Vine

March 4   Choose to Love or You Will Walk in the Darkness
  11   The Church at its Best is a Community that Practices Love
  18   Godís Love Empowers and Motivates Us to Love Others
  25   Eternal Life is Godís Gift to All Who Embrace Jesus as Lord

April 1   Blessed is the King of Heaven who Calls Us to Serve Him
  8   Changed People Are the Best Evidence that Christ is Alive
  15   God Alone is Worthy of Our Honor, Worship and Praise
  22   Come Worship and Adore the Lamb of God that Was Slain!
  29   The Security of the Lamb Helps Us Face the Perils of Life

May 6   Glory! We Are Invited to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb!
  13   When We All Get to Heaven We Will Be at Home with God
  20   We Can Only Imagine the Beauty of our Home in Heaven
  27   John Allows Us to Know the Wonderful End of the Story

June 3   Amos reminds us that God still demands justice for the poor
  10   Godís Faithfulness Includes Both Love and Divine Judgment
  17   If We Do Not Walk like We Talk Our Worship is Worthless
  24   We can Remain Faithful to Christ within Our Secular Culture

July 1   Living by Scriptural Standards Helps us Do the Right Thing
  8   Zephaniah Teaches Us to Heed Godís Prophetic Warnings
  15   God Expects Us to Offer Hope and Help to the Oppressed
  22   Jeremiah Reminds Us to Put Our Trust in God Alone
  29   The Prophet Gives us Hope that Godís Plans for us are Good

August 5   Fear Not, Keep the Faith, and Wait Patiently on the Lord
  12   Despite Our Sins God Offers Us Forgiveness and Reconciliation
  19   God Calls Us to Repent and Let Him Handle Our Past
  26   Malachi Offers Us a Ray of Hope for the Judgment Day

September 2   God Created All Things to Express His Great Love for Us
  9   The Awesome Privilege of Being Created in the Image of God
  16   Faith Helps Us Believe that God Can Do Wonderful Things
  23   Because God is Love He Cares for All People Everywhere
  30   God Guides Ordinary People to do His Will in Humble Ways

October 7   God Uses Broken, Imperfect People to Accomplish His Purposes
  14   Godís Grace is not Reserved for the Qualified among Us
  21   God Gives Us Grace to Handle Lifeís Disappointments
  28   Forgiveness is the Key to Healing Broken Relationships

November 4   God Does Not Give Up on Us Because of our Poor Decisions
  11   God Can Help Us Live with Integrity that Honors Our Lord
  18   God Can Redeem Our Suffering and Make Us a Blessing
  25   God Blesses Us So We Can Share His Blessing with Others

December 2   God Calls Us to Believe Rather than be Muted by Unbelief
  9   God Invites Us to Submit to His Wonderful Plan for Our Lives
  16   God Changes Our Lives So We Can Learn to Praise Him
  23   Rejoice and Give God Glory for the Baby Born in Bethlehem
  30   God Still Needs People Who Will Proclaim the Good News

January 1   Forgiven Sinners May Find Strength to Serve Christ
  8   When We Are Willing to Pray for Everyone We Experience Godís Power at Work in Our Prayers
  15   Effective Leadership Requires that We Walk like We Talk
  22   A Good Example is the Best Way to Defeat False Teachers
  29   Life in Godís Family Calls for Honor, Justice and Mercy

February 5   Share Your Faith So that Others May Embrace the Faith
  12   Pursue Righteousness and Shun Senseless Controversies
  19   Godly Mentors Help Us Develop Our God-given Uniqueness
  26   The Way We Live Can Make Our Faith Attractive to Others

March 5   Made in His Image, Each of Us is Very Special to God
  12   Celebrate and Enjoy Godís Beautiful Gifts of Creation
  19   We cannot hide from the God who knows all about us
  26   Great is the Lord and Worthy of Praise For Ever and Ever!

April 2   Faith Helps Us Trust God Even In the Worst of Times
  9   When All Seems Hopeless, Tie a Knot in Your Rope & Hold On
  23   Where Can We Find Peace?
  30   There is a Time for Everything

May 07   Godís Wisdom is a Treasure Worth Seeking
  14   Wisdom Invites Us to Walk in the Ways of the Lord
  21   The Church Helps Us Choose the Path of Righteousness
  28   The Wise Woman Who Serves the Lord Deserves Our Praise

June 04   Living in Unity in the Community of Faith
  11   True Wisdom Comes Through Christ and the Cross
  18   Building Together as a Team on the Foundation of Christ
  25   Authentic Christians Are Privileged to Serve Responsibly

July 02   We Practice the Faith by Relating to Others with Grace
  09   Loving People is More Important than Personal Privilege
  16   Discipline, Perseverance, and Grace Help us Win the Race
  30   Love always Wins because Nothing is Greater than Love

August 06   Forgiveness is the Key to Restoring Broken Relationships
  13   Godís Grace Inspires Us to Give Generously

October 8   Caring Christian Leaders Will Defend the Oppressed
  22   Godís Ideas Are Always Better than Our Own
  29   Rejoice and Give Thanks Because God Always Answers Prayer

November 5   Trusting God Means to Depend On His Power, And His Alone
  19   Despite Our Wrong Choices God Never Gives Up On Us
  26   Godís Plan for the Church and the World Will Not Fail!

December 3   God Offers Us Reconciliation through His Son Jesus Christ
  10   Jesus the Son is the Supreme Revelation of God the Father
  17   Walking in the Light as the Blood Cleanses us from Sin
  24   Receive the Living Word and Become a Child of God!
  31   God wants Christians to humbly seek the best for others


January 2   Delivered and Empowered to Spread the Good News
  9   Finding Ways to Reach Our Friends for Christ as Levi Did
  16   Disciples Are Still Sent Out to Share the Good News
  23   Following Jesus Requires Giving Your All
  30   True Greatness Comes from Serving Others in Love

February 6   The Indwelling Christ Helps Us Overcome Grief
  13   We Can Never Overcome Pride Until We Humble Ourselves and Obey God
  20   Overcome Uncertainty by Accepting The Necessity of the New Birth
  27   We Can Overcome Prejudice By Seeing People through the Eyes of Jesus

March 6   There is No One Who is Righteous
  13   The Coming Judgment Should Make Us Less Judgmental
  20   The Glorious Benefits of Being Justified by Faith
  27   Embracing Jesus as Lord of All is the Key to Salvation

April 3   The Holy Spirit Gives Us Power for Living
  10   There is No One Who is Righteous
  17   Practicing the Faith by Loving Others as Christ Loves Us All
  24   We Can Live in Harmony Ė But Only with Godís Help!

May 1   We Must Not Compromise the Essential Truths of the Gospel
  8   The Secret of the Christian Life is Christ Living within Us
  15   Despite our Differences, in Christ We are All Children of God
  22   What Matters Most is Faith Expressing itself in Love
  29   Bearing One Anotherís Burdens is Godís Plan for Our Life Together

June 5   The Vital Link between Baptism and the Call to Ministry
  12   Open Hearts Can Receive Christís Forgiveness and Healing
  19   Jesus Helps Us Find the Courage to Do What is Right
  26   Life is Never the Same Once We Believe the Tomb Was Actually Empty

July 3   Jesus Can Take Us Beyond Happiness to Lasting Joy
  10   We Have a Choice: Try to Impress Other People or Do What Pleases God
  17   Learning to Listen with the Ears of the Heart
  24   An Understanding Heart Frees Us to Forgive Others
  31   We Serve Christ When We Minister to Others in His Name

August 7   God Calls All Christians to the Ministry of Servanthood
  14   Faith in Jesus Can Release Godís Healing Power
  21   Jesus Calls Us to Offer ďLove without End AmenĒ to Others
  28   Exclude No One If You Wish to Feast at Godís Table

September 4   Embracing the Power and Guidance of the Holy Spirit
  11   True Christian Fellowship Grows through Caring and Outreach
  18   Christ Still Offers Healing Through His Church
  25   The Spirit Empowers Us to Live and Witness Boldly

October 2   Church Leaders Need Loving Support Not Criticism
  9   Christ Helps Us Turn Problems into Opportunities
  16   The Spirit Helps Us Share Godís Word with Others
  23   The Spirit Helps Us Overcome Our Prejudices
  30   Persecuted Christians Everywhere Need Our Prayers

November 6   God Often Lets Us Assist Him in Transforming Others
  13   The Spirit Moves Us to Share Our Lives with Others
  20   The Spirit Guides Us to Work Together in Ministry
  27   The Spirit Helps Us Live Life in Chapters With Grateful Hearts

December 4   We love God by seeking justice for all people
  11   The Lord Gives Us the Strength We Need to Do His Work
  18   Jesus Offers Hope for Those Who Suffer
  25   Christmas Ė a Gift of Joy to Receive and Share!


January 4   Grace Enables Us to Trust God in the Midst of Suffering
  11   Integrity in Seeking to Know God
  18   Integrity in Everyday Living
  25   Integrity in the Presence of God

February 1   A Time for All Things
  8   A Time to Remember
  15   A Time for the Joy of Marital Love
  22   A Time for Courage
  29   A Time for Celebration

March 7   Extravagant Love and Tragic Betrayal
  14   This Do in Remembrance of Me
  21   Agonizing Prayer and a Betrayer's Kiss in the Garden
  28   Falsely Accused, Condemned to Die, Jesus Obeys the Fatherís Will

April 4   Despised, Rejected, and Scourged, Jesus Was Crucified for Our Sins
  11   Hallelujah! The Tomb is Empty for He has Risen from the Dead!
  18   Faithful in Serving Christ Ė the Goal of Every Church
  25   We need to be Ready for His Return Since Christ is Coming Again!

May 2   Growing Christians Reflect Christís Glory in Daily Living
  9   Jesus, the Lamb of God, is Worthy of our Worship and Praise
  16   The Salvation of the Lamb Gives Us Victory Over Suffering
  23   Choose Godís Eternal Reward Or Face Everlasting Punishment
  30   Eternal Home Called Heaven Awaiting the Faithful

June 6   God Proclaims the Absolute Superiority of His Son, the Christ
  13   We May Be Saved Because Jesus Shared Our Humanity
  20   Faithfulness Necessary to Inherit Godís Promise of Eternal Rest
  27   We May Confidently Ask God for Mercy Because Jesus is Our Compassionate High Priest

July 4   Growing Up and Moving On Toward Maturity
  11   Christ the Mediator of the New and Better Covenant
  18   Roll Call of Heroes in the Bibleís Hall of Faith
  25   God Disciplines us in Love, to Bring Us to Maturity in Christ

August 1   The Biblical Qualities Expected of Good Church Leaders
  8   Modeling the Lifestyle of a Godly Minister of Christ
  15   Grace Enables Us to Do Our Best as Christ's Workers
  22   God Uses the Holy Scriptures to Protect Us from Evil and Equip Us for Holy Living and Fruitful Service
  29   Set a Good Example by Doing the Right Thing

September 5   We have Value because God Created us for Himself
  12   Story of the Flood Reminds Us of Godís Great Mercy
  19   Our God is Able to Deliver His People from Evil
  26   Godís People live and Serve within a Covenant Community

October 3   Leaving a Legacy that God can Use
  10   We Serve a God Who is Always Doing New Things
  24   Good News: God has the Power to Bring Life Out of Death
  31   Authentic Worship Changes Us and Renews our Trust in God

November 7   Christ Gives Us New Rules for Living
  14   We Thank God for the Blessed Hope of Our Resurrection
  21   Called to the Thrilling Work of being Ambassadors for Christ!
  28   In Christ, Godís People Can Become One Family

December 5   God Continues to Call Us to Be a Blessing to Others
  12   Inward Qualities More Important than Outward Appearance
  19   God Expects Us to Stay Ready for the Unexpected
  26   Sharing Our Indomitable Hope that Salvation is in Christ


January 5   The Rich Man: He was Poor Because His Possessions Owned Him
  12   Mary and Martha: Jesus Helped Them with Their Priorities
  19   Pitiful Pilate: He Chose to Placate the Crowd Rather than Protect the Christ
  26   Penitent Peter: Forgiven, Restored, and Ready to Serve his Lord

February 2   Barnabas: His Example Inspires the Ministry of Encouragement
  9   Paul: He Led the Way with Vision, Obedience, and Perseverance
  16   Timothy: Paul's Devoted Son, Supporter, Helper, and Teammate
  23   Priscilla and Aquila: Paul's Beloved Helpers in the Ministry of Christ

March 2   Jesus Begins His Ministry
  9   The Inevitable Conflict Begins
  16   Jesus Reveals His Power
  23   Jesus Reused to Let Rejection Deter Him from His Mission
  30   Our Traditions Must Yield to the Greater Wisdom of Jesus

April 6   Jesus Boldly confronts Evil
  13   Jesus Gives the Passover Rich, New Meaning
  20   Up from the Grave He Arose, with a Mighty Triumph Over Death
  27   Faith in Christ Can Conquer Fear

May 4   The One Who Does All Things Well Invites Us To Act Boldly In Faith
  11   A Genuine Disciple Will Listen to Jesus and Obey Him
  18   Doubt and Unbelief are Ovecome By Deep Faith and Serious Prayer
  25   God Rewards Bold Faith - If We are Bold for the Right Reason

June 1   Embracing Opportunities for Ministry that God Provides
  8   Genuine Worship is Always Exciting and Never Boring
  15   The Lord Stirs Us to Choose Wisely the Priorities of Our Work
  22   God Gives Us Hope for the Future
  29   Worship at its Best is Celebrating the Mercies of God

July 6   Nehemiah Shows Us that One Person Can Make a Great Difference
  13   Nehemiah Completes the Work Despite Opposition
  20   God Still Uses the Holy Bible to Make His Will Known to His People
  27   A Serious Covenant With God is Essential to Authentic Christian Living

August 3   Pride Can Destroy Us and Separate Us From the Mercy of God
  10   In Times of Trouble We Do Well to Repent and Turn to the Lord
  17   God Expects Us to Serve him by Living a Righteous Life
  24   In the End, God Wins, and His Servants Are on the Winning Team
  31   If You Accept God's Invitation, You Can Be There When the Roll is Called Up Yonder

September 7   James Shows Us the Way to Victory Over Our Trials
  14   True Faith Leads to Action that Reflects the Love of Christ
  21   To Honor Christ the Tongue Must Be Bridled by the Spirit And the Mind Must Be Open to Godly Wisdom
  28   When We Humble Ourselves before God, He Gives Us Winning Attitudes

October 5   God Expects His People to Live Holy Lives in an Unholy Culture
  12   We Can Advance the Kingdom by Setting a Good Example
  19   By Growing in Faith We Become ďMore Like the MasterĒ
  26   Jesus Will Return Because He Keeps All His Promises!

November 2   What a Fellowship We Enjoy as Children of God
  9   Beloved, We Must Find a Way to Love One Another!
  16   Live with Confidence as Children of God
  23   We Can, with Godís help, Live Lives of Humble Loyalty to Our Lord
  30   Lest We Become Fruitless Trees, We Must Maintain Steadfast Faith

December 7   Dedicating Our Gifts to God Makes Us Partners with God
  14   Godís People Are Always Preparing the Way, as John Did for Jesus
  21   God Kept His Promise Ė Jesus is God with Us Ė Believe it!
  28   Jesus Grew Up in a Home with Parents who Honored God

January 6   Hear the Good News
  13   Seek The Lord
  20   Worship In Truth
  27   Anticipate God's New Creation

February 3   Ruth Chooses Naomi's God
  10   God Blesses Ruth
  17   Jonah Rejects God's Call
  24   God Shows Mercy to Ninevah

March 3   God's Righteousness Revealed
  10   Justified By God's Grace
  17   Sharing In the Promise
  24   Reconciled By Christ's Death
  31   Made Alive in Christ

April 7   Anticipate God's Glory
  14   Proclaim the Gospel
  21   Live the Gospel
  28   Live Unto the Lord

May 5   Gospel of Faith
  12   Gospel of Adoption
  19   Gospel of Freedom
  26   Gospel of Life by the Spirit

June 2   Follow the Way of the Righteous
  9   Hope In God
  16   Follow The Lord, Our Keeper
  23   Look to God for Justice
  30   Teach the Wonders of God

July 2   Worship the Creator and Sustainer
  14   Live As the Crown of Creation
  21   Find Joy in Forgiveness
  28   Let All Peoples Praise God

August 4   Embrace Wisdom
  11   Run From Evil
  18   Watch What You Say
  25   Care for the Poor

September 1   Repentance and Renewal
  8   God Restores a Sinner
  15   The Lord Promises Future Glory
  22   Josiah Makes a New Beginning
  29   Rebellion and Judgement

October 6   God Warns His People to Listen
  13   God Demands Justice
  20   Hope for the Future
  27   Like Habakkuk We Can Rejoice in Hard Times

November 3   Captivity Begins as Jerusalem Falls
  10   God Gives Us Hope in the Midst of Our Grief
  17   God Offers Life to All Who Repent and Turn from Their Sins
  24   Look to the Future with Confidence in God

December 1   God Honors Elizabeth and Zechariah
  8   Mary, Humble and Joyous Servant
  15   Joseph, A Faithful Model for Believers
  22   Mary, Blessed Mother of Our Savior
  29   Rugged John the Baptist, Who Promoted Jesus Rather Than Himself


January 7   Jesus In Nazareth
  14   The Cost of Discipleship
  21   Lost and Found
  28   Threat of Riches

February 4   Going to Jerusalem
  11   One Who Serves
  18   Dying on the Cross
  25   Witnesses to the Resurrection

March 4   The Promise of the Spirit's Power
  11   The Holy Spirit Comes in Power
  18   The Holy Spirit Works with Power
  25   Obedient to the Spirit

April 1   Empowered to Serve
  8   Witnessing Beyond Jerusalem
  15   Proclaiming the Risen Lord
  22   Gentiles Receive the Spirit
  29   The Church in Antioch

May 6   Mission to Gentiles
  13   The Jerusalem Conference
  20   Responding to Need
  27   Serving with Humility


January 2   The Twelve Disciples
  9   Teachings on Prayer
  16   Miracles of Compassion
  23   Opposition to Jesus
  30   Laborers in the Vineyard

February 6   Coming to Jerusalem
  13   Watching for Christ's Return
  20   Death of Jesus
  27   Resurrection and Commission

March 5   Helping a Church Confront Crisis
  12   The Holy Spirit as a Teacher
  19   The Church and Its Leaders
  26   The Need for Discipline in the Church

April 2   Counsel Concerning Marriage
  9   Concerning Love and Knowledge
  16   Spiritual Gifts
  23   Christ's Resurrection and Ours
  30   The Way of Love

May 7   Christian March of Triumph
  14   Trials and Triumphs of Christian Ministry
  21   The Collection for Jerusalem Christians
  28   Living in Faith

June 4   Living Is Christ
  11   Having the Mind of Christ
  18   Pressing On In Christ
  25   Rejoicing in Christ

September 3   Deborah
  10   Gideon
  17   Samson
  24   Samuel

October 1   Saul Becomes King
  22   David Becomes King Of All Israel
  29   God's Covenant With David

November 5   David and Bathsheba
  26   Solomon's Mistake